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Rocket Rules!  For Safety & Courtesy!
• Seat belts must be fastened. • Appropriate Behavior Required
• No standing up! • No Food or Drink onboard
• Keep arms in vehicle, please. • No spitting out of vehicle
• Load & unload in designated area. • No personal boom boxes
• Please use common sense! • Proper attire required
   (i.e. no disrobing - keep your spacesuits on!)
• No illegal activities.
Roller coaster screaming is required!
General Information —
Your ride route can be custom tailored to your liking.  If desired, write down directions for the driver and take the maiden voyage at your event prior to the beginning of rides.   If you do not have a preference for the route, the driver will provide one, based on previous flight missions.      
Rocket Seating Capacity —   Driver + 10 adults (2 per seat) or 15 kids (3 per seat)

Ask about our other vehicles for hire!
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Original Batmobile

Double Dodge (2 fronts!)

Vintage Firetruck

Hot Rod Hearse
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